Create A custom link in My-Apps

10 December 2021 - Reading time: ~1 minute

if you have the as homepage,
you might want to add additional links to other websites for your users.
Here a way to do this.


- access to Azure Portal (Enterprise applications)
- logo

First Steps

log into and  search for Enterprise Applications
(you can quickly search by first press G and then / on your keyboard in azure portal)
Select New Application under All Applications
then Click "+ Create your own application"

provide an input name for your link, for example Rutger's Blog
and click the Create button

once created under properties, place an logo for your custom application
and unselect the Assignment required
under notes you can place a comment that you know that this isn't an actual SSO application,
so this prevents confusion.

Once saved, click the Single-Sign-On and selection the Linked method.
and enter the URL that you want as custom link ( for example )

Save and click the Users and groups and select the user/group where you want to see the application

Save and wait about 5 minutes before it actually appears on

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