Intune - Login script

26 November 2021 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Not having login scripts with fully azure joined device is an issue for a lot of people,
because sometimes its just handy to have a sort of login script for example for mapping network drives or mapping printers
so here I'll explain how I solved my login script issue in order to execute something during start.

what is actually does it creates a scheduled task, that triggers at login of any user that runs a Visual Basic Script file
in order to run each file in a custom folder
Why Visual Basic Script? because I hate popups during login
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Intune - Deploy Application

25 November 2021 - Reading time: 8 minutes

So I already created a manual of WinSCP, this one will actually be quite the same,
except for the PowerShell script itself, so If you have followed the WinSCP installation, you can simply replace the PowerShell code, enter the missing parameters (explained) here and the installation will be indentical
and also the result ;)

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Intune - Deploy winSCP Application

24 November 2021 - Reading time: 7 minutes

A part that frustrated me, was how to deploy simple applications trough Intune,
but eventually I have found an easy way in order to install Software.
there are some differences every time, but I'll try to explain there.

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